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A suite of mobile applications which facilitate high-quality education in low-resource and remote settings.

O   Delivers digital education and gathers research data.

O   Hybrid technology providing the benefits of online systems even where access to the internet is limited.

O   Enables local facilitators to deliver expert-level education with maximum local relevance and replicability. 

O   Provides governed education that meets best practice guidance and reduces travel.

 Can be rapidly deployed and upscaled making it ideal for education in times of crisis.

O   Increase the availability of high-quality education in low-resource settings, while decreasing its cost. 

O   Consists of three mobile applications and one (optional) tablet-computer.

  • TeachBox Teach

    The application used by facilitators to deliver classroom-based training

    The TeachBox Teach application enables facilitators to deliver classroom-based education using Android tablet-computers and smartphones.

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  • TeachBox Learn

    The application used by learners during out-of-classroom learning

    The TeachBox Learn application is designed to be used on any Android smartphone. The application enables learners to view videos, take tests and read documents.

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  • TeachBox Data

    The application used by researchers to gather data

    TeachBox Data is designed to be used by any level of worker responsible for gathering quantitative and qualitative data.

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  • TeachBox Tablet

    The optional tablet computer for use with the TeachBox system

    Our work with communities across Africa and Asia has identified a number of barriers related to computer hardware.

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