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TeachBox Support Services

TeachBox projects are fully supported by our team of specialists throughout the design, development and delivery phases of teaching and research projects. Our support services include:

Education design, development and implementation services

  • course and programme design
  • course description and syllabus design
  • delivery timetable planning
  • content development (theoretical and practical)
  • assessment design
  • facilitator and tutor training

Content development services

  • film/video making
  • content scripting
  • storyboarding (film and presentation)
  • interactive simulation design and development
  • groupwork and practical exercise design

Subject-matter experts

  • education
  • research
  • medicine
  • emergency management and response
  • capacity and capability building
  • humanitarian action

Why did we develop TeachBox?

Our work with communities across Africa and Asia identified barriers which have prevented the successful use of online systems, particularly in remote and rural locations. TeachBox was developed to educate and save lives.

Education delivery in remote and rural locations can present similar challenges to education delivery in highly-developed areas, but a needs-analysis in remote and rural communities identifies many additional difficulties, including:

Internet connectivity

  • limited landline telephony/internet infrastructure (hardwire or optic fibre)
  • widescale reliance on mobile data (3G and 4G) for internet use
  • high costs of 3G and 4G mobile data
  • inconsistent or non-existent 3G and 4G signal in remote and rural locations

Computer Hardware

  • lack of computers/tablets/smartphones
  • limited maintenance and repair capability for equipment
  • hardware compatibility problems, for example, difficulties with connecting computers/tablets to existing projectors or AV equipment

Local Delivery

  • sparse education facilities and equipment
  • limited numbers of teaching staff
  • large travel distances between communities
  • offline systems (presentations, DVDs etc) are difficult to version-control once distributed, resulting in often outdated and inconsistent content being used.
  • tutors, when operating with limited support, often deviate from the approved course content, resulting in the intended learning objectives not being achieved

Course administration and governance

  • previously, the paper-based systems of delegate registration and course feedback have been vulnerable to error, loss and damage
  • paper-based reporting causes significant delays between completion, receipt, audit, and certification – all of which delay course development and improvement

Who developed TeachBox?

TeachBox was designed by our team of doctors and paramedics while conducting projects in Africa and Asia and its development has been strongly influenced through collaboration with a range of local and international partners.

The 625 team has many years of experience delivering clinical, research and education projects in rural and remote parts of the globe. It was during the delivery of an emergency medical training project for doctors in Uganda that TeachBox was conceptualised. Working with Enabel (The Belgian Development Agency) allowed our team to fully embed itself with local healthcare workers and to undertake a needs-analysis relating to online education for remote locations in Africa. Subsequent collaborations with the Lebanese Red Cross (Disaster Management and Emergency Medicine) and Africmed (Gambia) led to the further development and refinements of the TeachBox system.

Collaboration with another Ugandan partner (Nexus Data) allowed us to introduce a wider range of features including satellite positioning and GPS mapping as well as GDPR (data protection) compliance.

Partnering with Dr Bruce Kirenga and Prof Rupert Jones of the Makerere Lung Institute (Uganda) enabled TeachBox to grow from concept to a fully-capable hybrid online education and research platform.

Although TeachBox was designed by a small group of dedicated professionals, its development has been made possible through international, national and local-level collaboration.

How is TeachBox innovative?

TeachBox was not borne from a desire to ‘push the boundaries of technology’, it was borne from a need for high-quality digital education to be made available to those who are usually prevented from receiving it.

TeachBox represents the cutting edge of digital education and research software. Behind the scenes, we use the most efficient, up-to-date and effective design and programming to deliver a world-leading suite of applications.

Most digital technology will require regular replacement due to its own inbuilt obsolescence or the obsolescence of the supporing hardware. This wasteful approach is financially unsustainable for the majority of the world’s population. TeachBox is designed to be compatible with the old and existing technology common in low and middle-income countries. Our hybrid approach allows cutting edge technology to be fully compatible with old technology and therefore, enable the widest possible audience to benefit from its existence.

Examples of TeachBox projects

Below are some of the research and education projects currently in development with which TeachBox will play an integral part.

  • University of Leicester (Global RECHARGE – a UK NIHR-funded research programme)
  • Chronic Lung disease in East Africa
  • What is Pulmonary Rehabilitation?
  • Makerere University (Uganda)
  • National Clinical Training and Education Programme - ‘Self-management of Chronic Lung Disease in East Africa’
  • University of Plymouth and Makerere University
  • National Clinical Training and Education Programme - ‘Biomass Smoke in Early Life - The Midwife Project in Ugand
  • University of Plymouth and Angkor Hospital
  • Neonatal Resuscitation Training Programme, Siam Reap, Cambodia
  • AMREF International University/University of Liverpool/WHO/Kenya Ministry of Health
  • Module 13B for Universal Health Care Coverage throughout Kenya - Community Healthcare Worker Training on Lung Health
  • Covid-19 Prevention and Management Education for Community Healthcare Workers

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