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TeachBox Teach

The application used by facilitators to deliver classroom-based training

The TeachBox Teach application enables facilitators to deliver classroom-based education using Android tablets and smartphones.

Courses are designed and structured in such a way that delegates (students) receive high-quality teaching that does not deviate from the intended learning outcomes.

TeachBox Teach works with a comprehensive selection of interactive and multimedia content which is designed, produced and delivered by subject-matter experts, including:

  • video presentations
  • audio presentations
  • fully interactive simulations
  • group exercises
  • quizzes
  • tests

Prior to the course delivery, a facilitator connects their tablet or smartphone to the internet and accesses the TeachBox system using their unique user ID and password. The facilitator then downloads the course materials to the application. Once downloaded, the materials are used for course delivery without the need for an ongoing internet connection.

The TeachBox Teach application performs three key functions:

1) Preparation

To ensure that all courses run smoothly, each session requires the facilitator to undertake an element of preparatory work which, on completion, automatically ‘unlocks’ the teaching content ready for delivery. Examples of preparatory materials include:

  • Checklists of items for course delivery (projector, speaker, flipchart etc.)
  • Background reading materials
  • Videos demonstrating the practical skills to be taught during the course
  • Videos demonstrating how groupwork sessions should be conducted
  • Knowledge-check quizzes and tests

A) Course downloads screen

B) Preparation activities screen

C) Preparation video screen

D) Pre-course reading screen

2) Delivery

To deliver a course, the facilitator logs on to TeachBox Teach and connects their device to a projector. The facilitator is guided by on-screen instructions to launch each activity.

Throughout the course, lessons are delivered by an on-screen expert tutor through videos, voice-over presentations, audiocasts, case studies and simulations.

E) Activity launch screen

F) Video lesson screen

Assisted by the application, facilitators are responsible for managing practical activities, such as groupwork, workshops, discussions, practical skills training and question-andanswer sessions. Facilitators will not need to be experts in the subjects that they deliver and instead, are able to facilitate education for a broad range of subjects.

F) Facilitator-led discussion

G) Facilitator-led Q&A session

3) Data capture

At the beginning of each course, delegates are registered onto the TeachBox system and information is gathered regarding their role, gender, qualifications etc. The delegate is prompted to agree with two statements, one regarding data protection and another authorising the use of their data as part of ongoing research.

At this stage, they are provided with a unique TeachBox identification number against which their progress and achievements on courses is automatically tracked and recorded. This unique number also allows delegates to ‘fast-track’ their registration on to subsequent TeachBox courses. A TeachBox identification number also provides access to the TeachBox Learn application on any smartphone.

At the end of each course, delegates will be required to provide feedback related to the quality of the course. Feedback and questionnaires must be completed before certificates are issued.

A facilitator completes a series of courses, they re-connect to the internet, allowing gathered data to be passed back to the main TeachBox server and for automatic updates to be made to the teaching resources stored on their device.

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