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TeachBox Learn

The application used by learners during out-of-classroom learning

TeachBox Learn application is designed to be used on any Android smartphone. The application enables learners to view videos, take tests, read documents and receive alerts from the host organisation without the need for travel or for formal courses to be delivered.

This application can be used when delegates need to undertake pre-learning in preparation for courses; for example, where a certain level of knowledge is required before admission on to a course is granted.

For subjects where there is no requirement for classroom attendance TeachBox Learn can be used to deliver education remotely.

It can also be used for rapid delivery of information. For example, where a change in a policy, procedure or practice has occurred, education will be rapidly and efficiently disseminated via TeachBox Learn.

TeachBox Learn also gathers data regarding a learner’s interaction and engagement with the content. For example, the host organisation is able to see, via the TeachBox data dashboard, which individuals have viewed content, opened documents and undertaken tests and quizzes.

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