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TeachBox Data

The application used by researchers to gather data

TeachBox Data is designed to be used by any level of worker responsible for gathering quantitative and qualitative data, allowing organisations to efficiently and effectively gather data from questionnaires, interviews, observations, audio and video recording.

Each time the TeachBox Data application is used, the data captured is stored locally on the device. When an internet connection becomes available, the data is automatically uploaded to the web-based data dashboard for remote viewing. During the internet connection, push notifications will be received which provide researchers with reminders and alerts related to the project.

The system also allows resources such as reference documents, standard operating procedures and protocols to be immediately accessible by the researcher, both before data collection begins and at the time when data is being actively collected.

In addition to users gathering data actively, TeachBox Data will gathers data such as time, date and GPS location, passively. This serves to reduce the workload of the operator and enables automated mapping and visualisations to be developed.

The people undertaking this collection will receive full training. This will be directly related to the standard for obtaining this information as well as data collection methods, tools and techniques, either via TeachBox Learn or TeachBox Teach courses. For example, a worker may be trained in how to perform a household survey, covering topics such as household selection, interview techniques and obtaining informed consent.

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