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Ugandan Midwife Education Program – University of Plymouth

The University of Plymouth is leading on several projects within the Fresh Air Programme including the pulmonary rehabilitation projects in remote settings, starting in mountain villages in Crete with aims to progress to remote high-altitude nomadic communities in Kyrgyz Republic and rural communities in Vietnam. There is also a project evaluating an education programme for midwives in rural Uganda to deliver improving pregnancy outcomes and child health in the first six months of life.

The project teaches people about the dangers of biomass smoke from cooking fires, from kerosene lamps and other sources, including tobacco smoking. Dr Rupert Jones is leading a team of Plymouth researchers within an international collaboration in a range of studies addressing the problem of chronic lung disease in resource-poor settings.

The 625 have been working in support of the production of a range of educational and promotional films related to the outreach work performed by the university and led by Dr Rupert Jones. Our ‘behind the scenes’ services are designed to help academic institutions to share their work as widely as possible and to create maximum positive impact with their research and findings.

Emergency Response Cover

  • We provide paramedics to travel with researchers and academics to remote and rural locations across the globe. Our paramedics are highly experienced in remote and austere environment emergency medicine as well as technical rescue.

Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Management

  • Our operational support teams develop new and interpret existing country, region and local risk, threat and vulnerability profiles to increase the safety of traveling staff.

Camera Crews

  • Our camera crews are able to travel anywhere in the world to document the activities of academics and practitioners to help share education as far and as wide as possible.

Client Feedback 

“For the Fresh Air (Midwives) project we travelled to the most rural parts of Africa, that’s quite an undertaking and certainly isn’t without risk. In remote locations little problems can soon escalate beyond control, your team members need to be robust, dedicated and dynamic problem solvers. That’s certainly our experience of The 625 – they are problem solvers of the highest order.”    Professor Rupert Jones