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Pandemic Emergency Response Development (CBRNe) - Middle East

The LRC deliver emergency care across Lebanon through 2,700 clinicians, staffing 280 ambulances working from over 46 centers and 4 dispatch rooms. The organisationhas significant experience of responding to large scale, complex and high-risk emergencies including, war, hostility, natural and manmade disasters and emergencies.


The 625 were contracted to assist with the development of a national pandemic emergency response system which included:


1)   Capability and capacity audit

2)   Scheme of work development

3)   Definition of CBRNe international best practice

4)   Delivery of academic and theoretical education

5)   Delivery Foresight LMC® – CBRNe Training Program

6)   Testing and validation exercises (pandemic)


The project was delivered in collaboration with the LRC and successfully achieved the following objectives:


1)   Operational level CBRNe training for clinicians

2)   Tactical level CBRNe training for commanders

3)   Implementation of Foresight LMC® – CBRNe command and control framework