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ISSEE - Centre for Homeland Security - International

The Client 

The ISSEE mission is to contribute positively to world security by promoting dialogue, providing specialised consultancy services and delivering capability-development training based on the UK’s extensive experience of countering terrorism and explosives safety management.

ISSEE is renowned worldwide for the credibility and quality of its services. This reputation is built upon a standard of consultancy and training that is without question, amongst the best that is currently offered by any military or commercial provider.

625 Contract Delivery 

625 developed and continue to deliver the Critical Response for High Risk Emergencies Module for METRO Education program delivered by ISSEE. This course is designed for specialist officers of the emergency services with a responsibility for providing command, control and coordination during events caused by acts of terrorism including CBRN, explosives, firearms and edged weapons, as well as for events of non-nefarious cause such as events, major transport accidents, pandemics and natural disaster. 

The program is delivered for an international audience at The Centre for Homeland Security, where ISSEE delivers commercial explosives training and counter-terrorism training to clients worldwide and at its bespoke training facility in Oxfordshire.

The course content includes: 

·      Preparing the specialist emergency response

·      Emergency response resources

·      Risk area operations

·      Emergency care in high risk environments

·      Patient evacuation

·      Major Incident Medical Management and Support overview

·      Foresight® Leadership, Management and Command (Operational and Tactical) in Practice


Client Feedback

“The training provided was current, relevant and very informative. It provided critical information that gave the students the ability to carry out lifesaving care and support at major scenes. The presentations were of a high standard that was pitched at the right level for all students to absolve and relate too. I would highly recommend The 625 for the delivery of the course material”