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Hazardous Environment Medicine - Helicopter Search and Rescue - UK

Outreach Rescue Medic Skills (ORMS)

This program was developed By ORMS to provide medical training for the Ministry of Defense Search and Rescue Force in the UK and has since been delivered internationally for a range of helicopter-based search and rescue medics.


The 625 provide tutors, authors and subject matter experts both during clinical and rescue skills acquisition as well as during post-qualification Continuous Professional Development activities.


The course meets the needs of emergency medical personnel who are required to operate in complex and hazardous environments.


On successful completion of the course, the delegates will have developed a firm foundation of knowledge and skills in the following:


•     Hazardous Environment Medical Technician (Basic)

•     Hazardous Environment Medical Technician (Intermediate)

•     Anatomy and Physiology

•     Core Clinical Skills

•     Trauma

•     Advanced Life Support

•     Medical and Surgical Emergencies

•     Social Sciences

•     Obstetrics, Gynecology and Pediatrics