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Foresight™ – Tactical Level Leadership, Management & Command for Emergency Medical Services - Oman

PACDA - Oman


The Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance in Oman are responsible for national, local and regional level emergency preparedness, resilience and response. They are made up of three divisions; the Royal Omani Police, Civil Defence (fire and rescue) and ambulance services.


As part of the on-going improvement of the Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance capacity and capability, The 625 were invited to provide consultancy and advisory services culminating in the delivery of a tactical level Foresight™ (Emergency Medical) Leadership, Management and Command course. 

The program of works was divided into five key stages: 

·      Capability and capacity audit

·      Scheme of work development

·      Definition of applicable international best practice

·      Delivery Foresight™ Leadership, Management and Command Program

·      Validation of skills attainment through scenario-based exercises


Foresight™ has been developed over 25 years to assist medical commanders to plan, organise, direct and control resources in the most efficient and effective way – before, during and after emergency events. It assists managers to develop shared aims and objectives while maintaining focus on individual and organisational responsibility and accountability. Foresight enables emergency services commanders to manage small, medium and large-scale incidents, as well as national and international disasters and is divided into five leadership levels.


1.     Foresight™ Team Leader

2.     Foresight™ Sector Commander

3.     Foresight™ Operational Commander

4.     Foresight™ Tactical Commander

5.     Foresight™ Strategic Commander


The five levels employ a common intelligence gathering, decision-making, deployment, recovery and recording methodology. The system can be utilised cross-organisationally ensuring that medical, fire, rescue, police, civil authorities and utilities organisations are able to share and understand a common information picture allowing for the most efficient decision-making and emergency response possible.