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Emergency and Urgent Ambulance Services – The Gambia

“Local people in The Gambia suffer illness and injury at an appalling level. By developing a high performing ambulance service we will be able to provide local people with the emergency care they need and deserve. The 625 are helping us to achieve that.”

Dr Omar Jagne – Africmed Chief Medical Officer

The development program is divided into four key areas:

·      Consultancy

·      Advisory

·      Education

·      Training



This involved our specialist work alongside the Africmed teams to develop and implement organisational and clinical governance structures. These structures define how Africmed makes important decisions, determines who is involved in the decision making process, and provides a framework of support for those individuals responsible for making decisions. Key outputs have included;

·       Governance formation, policy, procedure and practice guidance

·       Quality improvement policy, procedure and practice guidance

·       Organisational and managerial structures

·       Clinical and managerial Standards of Performance policy

·       Codes of conduct, performance and ethics

·       Clinical, medical and operational guidelines



Our global network of specialist advisors supports the local management and delivery of services remotely. We advise on the methods, tools and techniques necessary for the management of a range of essential topics, such as;

 ·       Policy, procedure and practice development

·       Clinical practice guidelines

·       Patient experience measurement, improvement and enhancement

·       Health, safety and welfare

·       Risk management (patient, staff and public)

·       Post incident investigation and review

·       Information governance

·       Resources, procurement and equipment best practice



We have collaboratively designed and developed, and are currently implementing, an education pathway to enable nurses to qualify as paramedics and doctors in order to work safely in the pre-hospital environment. The pathway is locally appropriate and takes full account of the limited resource environment in which the clinicians operate.



Our team of clinical specialists provide Africmed with a broad range of short (up to one month) training courses to develop specific skills, examples include: 

·       Command, control and coordination

·       Pre-hospital trauma and emergency medical management

·       Cardiac care

·       Obstetrics and gynaecology

·       Paediatric emergency care

·       Community based care and hospital admission avoidance

·       Infectious diseases, patient management and infection control

·       Road traffic rescue