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Disaster Response Strategic Capability Development - Lebanon

Multi-Agency Emergency and Disaster Response Organisations – Lebanon

The 625 were contracted to assess the regional and national capability and capacity to respond to a regionally impacting earthquake and resultant tsunami in Lebanon.


The assessment identified a high risk of wide-scale destruction, loss of life, fires, large numbers of injured patients and displaced persons, as well as infrastructure failure. Following the assessment, The 625 delivered a range of training and exercising events at the strategic level.


No events like this had ever been held before in Lebanon and in light of historic events, potential disunion between the participant organisations presented a significant risk. The pressure on facilitators and the responding organisations was both palpable and immense.


The program of works involved a broad range of national level stakeholder organisations and a program of works including:


•      National hazard, risk and vulnerability assessment

•      Organisational and group capability and capacity audits

•      Development scheme of work design

•      Delivery Foresight – Tactical Leadership, Management and Command Program

•      Delivery Foresight – Strategic Leadership, Management and Command Program

•      Facilitation of national and international disaster management exercises

•      Post event capability and capacity report