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Clinical Pharmacy Training - UK

ECG Training Ltd

ECG was established in 2002 by a former NHS Resuscitation Officer, initially to offer resuscitation training. Since then, the ECG portfolio has developed and increased impressively and now they provide an array of onsite and offsite training service nationwide.

Their face to face courses include resuscitation, vaccination, venepuncture (phlebotomy) and 12 Lead ECG, as well as moving and handling training. More recently, ECG have included online courses to their repertoire as they continue to grow and expand.

In 2017 ECG launched a number of products and services to complement their training courses and now offer a range of private vaccination PGD’s, PharmaDoctor ETool (travel health services), as well as a range of resuscitation products.

We have an ongoing relationship with ECG Training Ltd in which our clinical experts provide face-to-face training and assessment on behalf of ECG. The collaboration has proved to be valuable for both sides. The 625 support ECGs training and assessment portfolio in the following areas;

Θ   Anaphylaxis emergency management

Θ   Assessment of international nursing competence (University based)

Θ   Basic Life Support

Θ   First Aid at Work

Θ   Intermediate Life Support

Θ   Vaccine administration

Client Feedback

“All training received has been of the highest standard, with a professional and flexible approach to the work. We have always found the team to be reliable and have the ability to fully meet the needs of our clients.”

Contact ECG: www.ecgtraining.co.uk